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Best advices & deals for holidays in 2014

Most of us associate January with winter and cold. But there are places in the world where weather is good for a hot holiday 2014.
Caribbean, Costa Rica, Hong Kong & Australia are few areas where January is the best period for sun travelling.
Regarding the cold areas of the world, that’s the holiday paradise for winter sport lovers. Pick the best packages for February 2014 and book the ideal ski holiday. It is important to know that including flights you get better discounts.

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Hot holidays in January 2014? Ski in February?

Best hols in January & February 2014There are a lot of answers but few suggestions would be:
1. Spending some time with your family in a hot location such as Gran Canaria in Spain. Taking care of your health in a spa resort like Kiawak island in North America. Enjoying the shopping discount period in a big city like Paris, Rome, Miami. Practicing group activities in special locations such as Center Parcs in England.
2. Complete your knowledge about the world cultural heritage. Visit famous locations such as Sankt Petersburg – the Russian tsars’ residence. In Monte Carlo on French Riviera you can enjoy the opera shows during the holidays. Museums situated all over the world are easily to be visited now. You can meet different cultures by attending at festivals on diverse topics like the one in Shetland Islands in Scotland or in Bangkok, Thailand.
3. Satisfying your taste for adventure and sport in 2014 spending a holiday on ski slopes in Europe in Austria, Italy, France, Spain, and Switzerland or in USA.
4. Enjoying the offer of a romantic or luxury destination such as: Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, Jamaica in Caribbean, Swiss resorts in Europe or Indian Ocean Islands. 2014 deals are better to book early.
5. Travelling in special destinations and discovering the world wonders like: rain forest of Costa Rica, aurora borealis in Tromsø – Norway, Coral Recife in Indonesia, African culture on Cambia River.

Prepare 2014 summer hols. Mountain or sea lover?

Summer is a great time to travel and many of us choose this season. Also the other months of the year will offer you more pleasure depending on the holiday destination you choose. As it is ideal for each of us to avoid crowded places during holidays and take more advantage of exploring the sights. We have prepared you a list of ideas in case you are not decided for the 2014 holiday.

Join a festival? Summer may be the best choice …

Summer beach hols in Caribbean- A visit of the Great Steppes from Mongolia to join the Nadaam Festival with horse races and archery. The festival takes place in summer so prepare early your flights. Book easy for discount packages
- A travel to Pamplona, Spain to join Fiesta de San Fermin. The festival consists of running of bulls in the medieval city followed by a street party. It is ideal for a romantic escape.
- If you are present in Paris on 13 July you can participate at the celebration and dances in Place de la Bastille and on 14 July at the military parade, fireworks and parties. This can spice up 2014 summer hols.
- Join Mozart festival in Salzburg!
- Enjoy party and relaxation in Fiesta de Merengue in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean. Here you can see dances on tropical rhythms in the historic port of the city.

Exploring the wilderness? Unusual summer holiday 2014

- visit Spitsbergen in Norway; it is accessible only in the summer. You will get a real adventure.
- go to see the Hunza Valley in the area of the Himalayas; travel to Pakistan for this adventure.
- rent a 4×4 and drive thought the desert in Canning Stock, Australia.

Admiring nature’s wonders > Cheap hotel bookings

- Book holidays 2014 in San Juan Islands in North America and enjoy the amazing landscapes of Puget Sound!
- Admire the tropical beauty of Africa in Malawi. Here you could practice nautical sports in Malawi Lake. Hike the hills in the area exploring the incredible flora!
- Book a journey in Minnesota and admire the beauty of these wild and virgin forests. You can choose from numerous canoe rides in waters from this area!

Adventure getaways in 2014

Luxury & romantic getaways > Ideal beach deals 2014

Beach getaways 2014 - hot holidays- Take your partner in Tahiti or Bora Bora. It’s the ideal place to flee with your partner on a desert island.
- Relax in a luxury villa in the most elegant resort from Sicily; Taormina! Here you can enjoy the landscape of Naxos bay, Etna Mountain and antique ruins.
- Visit Burgh Island in England and enjoy the isolation in an environment of the 1930s!
- St. Tropez, France is also a perfect destination for couples to enjoy a sunny beach in 2014 holidays, famous city and surrounding areas that offer not only an ideal isolation but great landscapes of the city and ocean.
- Roam on the sunny beaches, quiet islands and historical villages from Cape Cod, US.

Adventure & ski packages 2014 > Cheap flights included

- Go skiing in Argentina. Choose the amazing resort at Mendoza!
- Munro Mountains in Scotland have 248 peaks of more than 900 m. Why not go hiking if you love this sport?
- You can take a ski or adventure holiday in Norway. It’s a great destination for 2014 holidays.
- Visit the Grand Canyon in US. It is recommended if you are a real nature lover to take your tent with you and camp in these areas. If look for the solitude you will be satisfied.

Unusual ski deals in 2014

Enjoy spring 2014 with your family – Best city breaks!

Family holiday packages at Disney 2014- Enjoy Orlando with your family. It’s the best holiday you can select for your kids.
- A travel in Calgary Canada? This will give you the opportunity to see the rodeo and enjoy an image of the Wild West
- Visit England side with French style? Channel Islands are a perfect destination for a family holiday.
- Travel to Copenhagen, Denmark. Enjoy the charm and magic of this city near the water.
- If you want to travel in France you could book accommodation in Corsica, is a great plan for a family escape in 2014 / 2015.
- Enjoy the capital of China in a healthy cultural escape.


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